A Literary Bestiary Book

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This book provides literary lovers with a comical version of the lives of famous authors retold in animal terms. It goes through their early life in a barnyard, nest or pod all the way to their death of alcoholism, liver failure and brain tumors and discusses their notable works in a blunt and humorous way.

This bestiary includes: William Shakesteer, Jane Austhen, Meowy Shelley, Hams Christian Hamderson, Edgar Allan Crow, Louisa May Owlcott, Jay M. Barrie, Agatha Twisty, F Spot Fitzgerald, P.L.Atypus Travers, George Narwhal, Rooth Park and Maya Angelewe.


  • 36 page hardcover book
  • Gold foil and spot gloss cover
  • RRP$24.95