It's All Going To Be Okay Suncatcher Window Decal

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Life's tough sometimes, but tough times don’t last forever!

Place this decal on a window as a little reminder you can see every day. As the light shines through the message the sparkles will brighten your day and let you know – It's all going to be ok!

This suncatcher window decal comes on a Jubly-Umph backing card and measures 9.5 cm high x 10.5 cm wide(3.7in x 4.1in). Our window decals work with a little water and static (the back side is not sticky), which means you can peel them off and move them to where you want. Admire the light as it hits the decal. In the right light you may get soft rainbows.


How to apply your decal:

Clean your window with water or spray to remove any dust and dirt

- Remove decal from packaging.

- Peel off the backing and apply to the glass.

- Smooth out any air bubbles