Queer History Collection Bundle

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This new collection pays homage to queer history and the equality movement for the LGBTQIA+ community today. 

This pin is part of the Queer History collaboration between Bendigo Artist Dan Cox and Jubly-Umph.

Our latest Queer History Collection Bundle includes 5 of each of the 7 (35 pins total) brand new designs with a 15% discount! That's a savings of over $40!

Get your bundle today! 

SKU Codes:

JU-W-LP216 Gay All Day

JU-W-LP217 Gay Is Good

JU-W-LP218 Green Carnation

JU-W-LP219 Lavender Menace

JU-W-LP221 We Are Everywhere

JU-U-LP222 We're Here We're Queer

JU-W-LP223 You've Got An Ally In Me