S.T.E.M Collection Bundle

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Get all of our new 'S.T.E.M' collection today!

This bundle includes all 6 of each of the new pins (36 pins total) for $260, giving you a 15% discount!

You will also get our special Promo Pack, which includes 5 each of our exclusive postcards and stickers that you can gift to your customers!

Increase your profit margin while stocking the full range today!

Be Inquisitive Lapel Pin - JU-W-LP229

I'm Still Learning Lapel Pin - JU-W-LP230

Maths Really Adds Up Lapel Pin - JU-W-LP231

Science Has The Best Solutions Lapel Pin - JU-W-LP232

Science Is Magic That's Real Lapel Pin - JU-W-LP233

Stem Is Cool Lapel Pin - JU-W-LP234

These colourful, gold-backed, hard enamel lapel pins come beautifully presented on Jubly-Umph backing cards. They are one of a limited edition.

  • Limited edition
  • Hard enamel
  • All pins approx. 40mm in height or width
  • RRP $16.95 each