Curious Concoctions Pin Collection Bundle

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These pins are a reminder of all the battles you have fought and won, that you live your life with ‘no regrets’ and that when things look dark you always have a little bottle of sunshine.

The pins feature sparkly glitter are sure to get people talking.

Our latest Curious Concoctions Pin Collection Bundle includes 5 of each of the 5 (25 pins total) brand new designs with a 10% discount! That's a savings of over $20!

There are only 10 bundles available.

Get your bundle today! 

SKU Codes:

JU-W-LP224 Bottled Sunshine Lapel Pin

JU-W-LP225 Mostly Harmless Lapel Pin

JU-W-LP226 My Enemies Tears Lapel Pin

JU-W-LP227 No Regrets Lapel Pin

JU-W-LP228 Sin And Tonic Lapel Pin