Our New Crafty Wisdom collection has arrived.

Those of us lucky enough to have spent any significant time with any of our older relatives know one thing: When it comes to old-timey pearls of wisdom, there's no one better at them than your Grandparents/Great Aunts and Uncles.

If you had a grandparent that knitted, crocheted, sewed and crafted things for you, you were surely privy to quite a few of these old sayings. These little tales and slogans are somehow always relevant (to crafting and to life in general) which makes them all the more brilliant and useful no matter how outdated they seem.

We decided this new collection should look good (obviously!), but that it should also serve to remind you of some of the most important rules of good crafting:

1. Short cuts are a long term folly
2. Makers will make, regardless
3. Love is a well fitted, hand knitted jumper.

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June 01, 2017 — Jeremy Meaden