Jubly-Umph makes little reminders that you can wear every day: Reminders that you are smart and brave and strong, and reminders to celebrate the things that make us different, because they are our strengths. Their work is exclusive and locally designed. It says something, means something and shows the world that you’re exceptional.

Based on the artwork of Melbourne illustrator Tasha Miller, each shiny lapel pin has a motivational message or sassy saying that you can wear on your collar, jacket, bag or lapel.

These little mementos are for book lovers, craft addicts and people who believe in embracing their weirdness


Jubly-Umph pins are an instant success in store. They’re eye-catching, cheeky and evoke a LOL from customers of all ages. They’re unique yet relatable to a large demographic which translates to solid sales all year round. Our customers love Jubly-Umph!Portal108

Loved it all from the pins to the packaging! I’m obsessed and my customers are obsessed. People come in specifically to buy Jubly-Umph pins and and the large range of designs means there is something for everyone. - Brick Lane Bazaar

What’s in it for our stockists?

• Wholesale Bundles which offer further discounts on our wholesale prices

• Introductory ‘Starter Pack’ offers for new stockists which include counter top display stands.

• Free Shipping on orders over $400

• 100% mark-up on all products, GST included in all pricing.


Jubly-Umph PO Box 670, Daylesford, Vic 3460


Sales: Tasha Miller

ph 0448832620